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MAMTA – Health Institute of Mother and Child supported a project entitled “Akshya project” This project focused on the civil society initiative for T.B. care and control.

The objectives of the project are:

  • Improve the reach, visibility and effectiveness of the Revised National tuberculosis Control Programme (RNTCP) through civil society support.
  • Engaged the communities and community based care providers, to improve TB care and control, especially for the marginalized and vulnerable people including T.B. and the HIV patients.

The activities included:

  • Organize Gram Kalyan Samiti meetings and mid-media activities every month.
  • Identify the rural health care providers and CBOs.
  • Identify the TB suspect cases in the field and promote sputum collection and transportation.
  • Identify the defaulter in the field with support from DC/ DTC for re-treatment.
  • Organize special events on the World TB Day, AIDS Day, Women’s and Mother’s Day.
  • Identify the members for the TB forum and promote the ACSM Activities locally.
  • Build a rapport with RWA/ Mahila Mandal/ NYK/ SHG/ PRI/ VHSC/ FBOs/ PLHIV networks.

Coverage area of Gram Bharti under this project: 50 villages in Gauripur and Rudrapur are covered under the project in Deoria.
Gram Bharti organized SHG (Gram Kalyan Samiti) meetings on a monthly basis in every 5 villages.
Mid-media activities were done in every target village. This activity included wall writing, rallies, street plays, posters, etc., as parts of the awareness building on TB.
Identified 6 bare footed doctors in the villages and trained them on tuberculosis so that they may send more and more TB patients to hospital. 10 health volunteers were also identified for this purpose. These bare footed doctors identified 150 TB patients and collected sputum from them. All of them were referred to the hospital. The bare footed doctors and health volunteers identified as many as 80 defaulters and had sent them back to the hospital for re-treatment. It organized Women’s Day in the villages in which public oration and street plays were organized. Gram Bharti built a rapport with the PRI representatives to made the programme more effective in the villages.