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case study

Village Moti Pakar Kabilasahan is located in the Sukrouli Block of the Kushinagar district in Uttar Pradesh. Most of the people of this village belong to the SC, OBC, Dalit and minority groups. The SC people live in the Bharagawan tola of the village. They were the most affected as they did not get the job card under NREGA. About 75% of the total 40 SC families were excluded from getting job cards and they were deprived of NREGA work. The elected Gram Pradhan in collusion with the Rojgar Sevak deprived those families who did not vote in his favour from getting a job card for the NREGA work.


Gram Bharti made a change in this scenario through the rights based approach of PACS II project. On the basis of a sample survey, the fact of exclusion of SC families from getting job cards came to the notice of Gram Bharti. Gram Bharti organized the women from these SC families in SHGs and gave them awareness training on the concept of NREGA, the process of obtaining job cards and the payment available under NREGA. It also gave exposure of these groups to different offices and places to gain more idea about the process of obtaining job cards. The workers of Gram Bharti facilitated the affected SC families in writing applications for the issue of job cards. 30 applications were written. This irked the Gram Pradhan and tried to obstruct the process of submission of applications. The Rojgar Sevak in collusion with the Gram Pradhan demanded Rs.500 each, from the applicants. He refused to receive the applications from those who did not pay.


Hence, the SHGs joined hands together and made a collective complain against the Pradhan and the Rojgar Sevak to the Block Development Officer. They also organized a Dharna before the BDO office. The Block Development Officer understood the seriousness of the problem and immediately called the Gram Pradhan and the Rojgar Sevak of that village and charged them on the basis of the complaints made by the SHGs. He then issued orders to the Rojgar Sevak to accept the applications and to immediately issue job cards to everyone who did not get it so far.